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Job Posting

Radiology Technologist
Part-time or PRN Radiology Technologist for weekend nights

Position Description:

Under the direction of the Director, performs activities to produce radiographic procedures according to established standards and with a high level of professionalism for diagnostic interpretation by referring Physician and/or Radiologist. Demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to provide the care and imaging services relative to patients of all ages, specific to his/her imaging area. Must possess the ability to assess data reflective of the patient's status and interpret the appropriate information needed to identify each patient's requirements relative to patients of all ages, specific to his/her patient's age specific needs. Be able to provide the care and imaging services needed as described in the performance standards of Putnam General Hospital. Knowledge of all Q.A. responsibilities and does Q.A. testing prior to scheduled workload and designated intervals as established.

Minimal Qualifications:

1. Education:
-High School Diploma or equivalent
-Graduated from an approved 2-year x-ray training program, must be a Registered X-Ray
-Registered in Cat Scan, preferred

2. Experience:
-Minimum 1 year experience
-Membership in societies preferred, but not required.

Physical/Mental Demands/Working Conditions:

Works in a clean, spacious, and well-lit medical setting.
Subject to radiant energy, electrical and chemical hazards, and exposure to sick patients.
Subject to muscle strain when moving patients from wheelchairs or stretchers, or when lifting film cassettes, lead aprons, chemistry, and supplies.
Sits, stands, bends, stretches, and walks throughout the day.
Must perform radiological procedures with minimum of errors, as errors may result in patient inconvenience, treatment delay, unnecessary radiation exposure to patient, and increased cost to department/facility.
Must exhibit a composed professional manner when meeting and working with patients, their families, other employees, and physicians.
Must appear calm in stressful situations; must possess exceptional skills in dealing with anxious and stressed patients.
Must make decisions based on the needs of the patient and based on the knowledge of the department standards.

Equipment used to perform job:

Automated and manual Radiographic, Fluoroscopic, RIS, PACS, CT, Tomographic, Bone Density, Teleradiography, C-Arm, and portable equipment. Automated film processors, CR, film identification , Q. C. equipment, code buttons, fire extinguishers, blood pressure monitoring equipment, oxygen tanks, personal computers, and any other equipment as related to assigned tasks.

Additional Information
Shift : Other

Contact Information
Human Resources
101 Lake Oconee Parkway
Eatonton, GA 31024
Email: rcabe@putnamgeneral.com
Phone: 706-923-2008
Fax: 706-484-2668

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