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Job Posting

Purchasing Manager
Position Description: Responsible for purchasing, storing and dispensing supplies and equipment for all departments except those assigned responsibility for their own purchasing and storage procedures; i.e. Pharmacy and Dietary and organizing all department functions. Responsible for the operation of the procurement function of the department. Maintains the computerized materials management system. Attends all department meetings.

Minimal Qualifications:
1. Experience:
a. High School Diploma or Equivalent.
b. Previous experience required; hospital experience in materials management preferred.
2. Skills & Abilities:
a. Must have excellent interpersonal skills, with a high degree of written and verbal communications skills. Must have the ability to meet deadlines and to accomplish detailed work with accuracy. Must appear calm in stressful situations and have ability to make sound decisions based on knowledge of departmental standards.

Physical/Mental Demands: Works in a clean, spacious and well-lighted setting. Subject to muscle strain when lifting supplies. Sits, stands, bends, stretches and walks throughout the day. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds. Very frequently exposed to moderate amount of noise from phones, machines, visitors and other personnel.

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