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Coronavirus Information

North Central Health District's (NCHD) 13 county health departments are now administering the Pfizer COVID-19 pediatric vaccine for ages 5-11.

With this new update, all NCHD health departments now offer COVID-19 vaccination for ages 5 and older.

COVID-19 vaccination is available at each county health department based on the following schedule:
Vaccination Schedule

In addition to the scheduled COVID-19 vaccine clinics, each health department offers COVID-19 vaccination by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call your local health department.

Pfizer's pediatric COVID-19 vaccine contains a smaller dose of the vaccine using the same active ingredients as the one given to adults and older children. The pediatric vaccine is administered to children using a smaller needle, specially designed for children.

The lower dose has been shown to produce milder side effects in kids. Common side effects of COVID-19 vaccination include:

soreness at injection site,
muscle aches,
and low-grade fever.
Serious side effects are rare, but may occur. Parents are encouraged to speak with their child's pediatrician about COVID-19 vaccination.

There is no out-of-pocket cost for COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of insurance status. Anyone under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive vaccination. The Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine currently authorized for ages 5 and older. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines are authorized for ages 18 and up.

For more information on pediatric COVID-19 vaccination, talk with your child's pediatrician or visit CDC's COVID-19 vaccines for children and teens webpage. To find vaccination locations near you, visit

More inforation.

Posted January 26, 2021

As of January 26, 2021 all travelers entering the United States by air are required to have a negative COVID-19 test within three days of travel OR proof of a COVID-19 infection within the past 90 days that the person has recovered from. You can see the full order here:

For those individuals requesting the letter from public health, the state website to follow the process is outlined. Here is the direct link: And there is also a box on the COVID-19 Testing Page

Posted April 15, 2020

Visitation Policy Effective April 15, 2020


This policy is subject to change based upon evolving guidance.

Current in-patients are allowed one (1) visitor at a time per day.

PUI and COVID-19 confirmed are NOT allowed any visitors.

The front desk attendee should call the Med Surg nurse station @ 2082 for current room numbers that are not allowed    visitors.

Weekday visitation hours are 7a-7p, Monday through Friday. Weekend visitation hours are 9a-7p, Saturday and Sunday.

The main entrance doors will be open during the above hours ONLY. The desk attendee will be responsible for    unlocking and locking the main entrance at the above stated times. See Plant Operations @ 2017 or Infection    Prevention @ 2026 for instructions.

The front desk will be manned during these hours. Human resources and Registration will maintain the schedule for this    site. A schedule will be placed at the desk.

The front desk attendee will stop all persons entering to address the reason for visitation.

A daily log will be kept with the visitors/out-patients names, reason for visit, time of visit, temperature reading, current    travel history, and current presence of COVID-19 symptoms. This log is in a spreadsheet on the computer at the front    desk. Log in instructions are at the desk.

All persons presenting without a mask, will be provided a mask before further entry. The person will be instructed to    wear the mask for the duration of the visit. Infection Prevention will replenish mask stock through Materials management    daily. Weekend mask stock should be replenished through ED or MS nurse station, if needed.

Each person entering will have a temperature taken and logged. If a temperature of 100.0 or greater is observed, the    visitor will not be allowed to proceed. The only exception to this will be an out-patient with an order for a diagnostic    procedure, i.e. laboratory or radiology.

Employees are also required to have their temperature taken and logged in the sheet provided in their department.    Department managers will be responsible for monitoring this log. If an employee presents with a temperature of 100.0 or    greater, the department manager and employee health will be notified.

Employees presenting to work outside the visitation hours should use the Emergency Room entrance or back entrance    by the cafeteria. Temperature checks can be self-performed with the vital sign machine provided at Med Surg nurse    station.

We will continue to assess the evolving situation and provide guidance as needed.


CDC Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with suspected or confirmed Coronavirus    Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings. April 2020

Navicent Health Medical Center intranet visitation policy. March 2020
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