Macon-Bibb leaders provide safety, preparation update ahead of Hurricane Irma

Macon-Bibb leaders held a press conference Sunday afternoon to stress the importance of preparing for the severe weather expected for Monday due to Hurricane Irma, and to provide an update on the weather and evacuation shelters. Macon-Bibb County is currently under a Tropical Storm Warning.
To watch the full press conference, click here.

For continued updates on Hurricane Irma and shelter operations, follow Macon-Bibb County EMA on†Facebook and†Twitter, and visit their website,† and sign up for MBCAlert here Local organizations and the shelters need the public's assistance, both as volunteers and donating needed items. To learn how you can help in the evacuation and response effort, click here.

Weather Update
Macon-Bibb County and Middle Georgia could begin seeing severe weather overnight from Monday to Tuesday, with the most likely arrival of Tropical Storm wind Monday morning. The rain and winds are forecast to be past our area Tuesday morning about 11:00 a.m. People should expect this storm to topple trees and power lines.

With Macon-Bibb being on the eastern side of the storm, there is a moderate risk of tornadoes as part of the severe weather. We are forecast to receive five to seven inches of rain during the next few days.

All forecasts are highly subject to change based on the speed of the storm and its track.

Max sustained winds forecast:

Monday, 4am - 30 mph
Monday, 9am - 38 mph
Monday, 3pm - 37 mph
Monday, 8pm - 39 mph
Tuesday, 2am - 18 mph
Tuesday, 8am - 13 mph

Max wind gusts forecast:

Monday, 8am - 2pm - 45-55 mph
Monday, 2 - 8pm - 55-75 mph
Monday, 8pm - 2am - 55-65 mph
Tuesday, 2am - 8pm - 30-40 mph

Emergency & damage reporting
People should only call 911 if they have life threatening emergency. Any other calls should be directed to the Emergency Management Agency at 478-832- 6300 so that the appropriate agencies can be notified.

Safety Information
Because we are expected to be hit with a tropical storm, you need to have a safe place in your home away from windows, with access to your emergency supplies. You also need to make sure the outside of your home is secure, and free of loose items and debris.

Stay away from windows, doors, and skylights.†

Take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway on the lowest level during the storm. Put as many walls between you and the outside as you can.

Check your yard and porch for anything that the wind could catch. Porch swings, outdoor furniture, trampolines, children's play set and swing sets, grills, detached fire pits. These items could be swept away and cause further damage.†

Clean out gutters as you're able to prevent pooling and further water damage.

Check on your elderly or disabled family, friends, and neighbors and make sure they are safe, or bring them to your home.†

Have an emergency kit ready. It should include flashlights, extra batteries, portable cell phone chargers, a weather radio, fuel for generator (if you have one), cash, first aid kit, personal medications, critical paperwork, and information you might need in an emergency. This also includes any of these items that your pet might need too.

You can find a comprehensive list of items for this kit at†